Sleepy Hybrid koddinn


The pillow is reborn! The design of the Sleepy® Hybrid pillow takes into account sleep research. It balances the heat and can easily control both the thickness and density of the pillow.

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Unique pillow

Thickness adjustment

Adjust the thickness and density of the pillow to your liking by adding or removing Nanotube units .

Thermal equilibrium

Outlast ®  is a technology designed by NASA that ensures that you are never too cold or too hot.

Support in your head

Each Nanotube unit adapts perfectly to your position and supports your head, neck and spine.

Comfort on both sides

1. Outlast®

Outlast ® technology can be found on one side of the pillow, mixed with soft breath. Outlast ® maintains a balance of body temperature and the down increases the luxury.

2. Ventilation network

The side nets, together with the Nanotube modules, ensure good airflow. This way the pillow stays cool all night.

3. Soft jacquard cotton

The other side of the pillow is made of 300 threads of jacquard cotton, combined with microfiber material. These lightweight and durable materials are incredibly soft to the touch.

Nanotube technology

The ingenious Nanotube technology is based on dense but elastic memory foam units that are designed to adapt to the body, no matter what the uterus, but each pillow contains hundreds of Nanotube units. By increasing or decreasing the number of units, you will be able to adjust the height and density of the pillow according to your wishes. Nanotube technology also ensures good airflow through the pillow.

Revolutionary pillow

especially for you


Ingenious technology, originally designed by NASA for space travel, balances body temperature.

Down that breathes

The soft duck down increases luxury and lets air in and out.

Nanotube modules

Dense but elastic memory foam units designed to adapt to the body and provide good support.


Thanks to the microfiber material, this side of the pillow is soft, durable and hypoallergenic.

Jacquard cotton

Microfiber efnið er umvafið silkimjúkri 300 þráða jacquard bómull, sem veitir enn meiri mýkt.


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